Given the unique nature of our projects and the interest they generate on a local, national and international level, partnering with Cross Culture Surf provides an excellent platform for increasing your brand awareness.

We are interested in establishing strategic partnerships with people willing to support and sponsor Cross Culture Surf.

Each of our projects are carefully designed and put together. They are innovative and original, attracting the attention of local and national media. For example Cross Culture Surf has: 

  • received the financial backing and endorsement of the European Union Youth in Action scheme for our international exchanges
  • featured on national TV news programmes in both Basque and Spanish
  • featured in local, regional and national newspapers
  • been interviewed on national and regional radio stations
  • received direct support from different institutions, organisations, companies and individuals from the global surfing community.


Ways of supporting Cross Culture Surf typically fall into three different categories:

1. Financial pledge

A company, organisation or individual chooses to support Cross Culture Surf financially. This may involve a one-off donation, or supporting a particular project or initiative. If you would like to donate to Cross Culture Surf, you can do so through paypal:

If you are based in the USA, you can support us through our international partners:
(this donation can also be tax-deductible):

2. Products/Services

A company, organisation or individual chooses to support Cross Culture Surf by offering their services or specific products that will directly benefit participants of Cross Culture Surf projects. For example, Pukas donated surfboards to the Surf Seeds project in Iran, Sticky Bumps donated surf wax to each young person on a surf exchange. Bilbotex donated t-shirts and hats to the project. Awesome Maps gave high quality world surfing maps to give out as prizes to young people on a CCS project, and Posca donated pens to support an art initiative.


3. Endorsement

A company, organisation or individual chooses to support Cross Culture Surf through promotion and marketing. This can be as simple as sharing posts from our social media channels, to actively promoting initiatives and projects on a wider scale. For example, the national Basque radio station (EiTB Euskai Irratia) offered free radio advertising for a month in order to promote our international exchange between Ireland and the Basque Country. Berria, El Correo and Gara newspapers gave extensive articles about Cross Culture Surf, and the Durango Cultural Fair invited us to present our project on the big screen as part of their official programme.


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We are very grateful to the following for their collaboration and support!