The Surf Seeds project – Iran

Cross Culture Surf has worked in close partnership with Easkey Britton and Marion Poizeau from Waves of Freedom, to help promote surfing in Sistan-Baluchistan in South-East Iran. The ongoing Surf Seeds project specifically involves:

  • Surf lessons taught by professionals, in accordance with the customs of the country
  • A surfboard shaping workshop to teach how to make and repair surfboards (and the requirements to make surfboard materials available locally)
  • Creative art workshop for decorating surfboards in collaboration with international local artists
  • Inshore rescue and water safety courses taught by professionals
  • Meetings with sports clubs, university students and girls’ schools to learn about their vision and the needs to make the sport accessible to everyone (a conference or seminar at the university in the coastal city of Chabahar and a meeting in local primary schools have already been proposed and supported by local officials).
  • Meetings with politicians and local leaders who show willingness to develop surfing in the hope of attracting tourism to the region.

The project received extensive international media coverage as well as significant attention in the Basque Country from TV, radio and newspapers.
Leading Basque surfboard brand Pukas, kindly donated surfboards that have been sent to the small village of Ramin, to help setup Iran’s first surf club!

Into the Sea

Marion Poizeau has since released her excellent film “Into the Sea” to international acclaim. It charts the journey of three pioneering women: Irish surfer Easkey, Iranian snowboarder Mona and Iranian diver Shalha, as they seek to introduce surfing into Iran. The film breaks down barriers and bridges cultural and gender divides in a remote part of Iran. Seeds have been planted. History is being made. We are happy to be a part of this amazing project.