Cross Culture Surf organises unique cultural exchanges for young people aged 13-17

Each exchange involves two countries and is split into two phases, with a weeks stay in each country. Typically there are 16 participants (8 girls/8 boys) and 4 leaders from each country making a group total of 40. Our exchanges are much more than a surf trip. Through our innovative workshops and activities, we seek to promote the following:


Cultural awareness

Social interaction

Non-formal learning

Positive moral values

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Before each trip, participants prepare group presentations about different aspects of their culture that they then present to the group. They choose topics that they think are significant and relevant to share such as: history, language, food, music, arts, religion and politics.

The common enthusiasm for surfing is the vehicle used throughout the exchange to stimulate and encourage interest and non-formal learning. Daily surf lessons are provided by local, professional surf schools in a safe and fun environment.

Surfing is a unique sport that carries with it a desire to travel, explore the world and discover new waves. In an increasingly multi-cultural society, one of the objectives of Cross Culture Surf is to instil in young people, key social values such as respect, tolerance and understanding from an early age, so that when participants “fly the nest” and “set off in search of their own perfect waves”, they do so with a deeper level of maturity that will enhance their stay in foreign places, and in turn, benefit the locals they mix with.

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