Cross Culture Surf is a non-profit association that uses surfing to bring people together, embrace diversity and to promote cultural awareness, through different projects, initiatives and exchanges.

In 2011, Joseba Attard (Basque Country) and Jono Griffin (The Surf Project, Ireland) met together in Biarritz and talked about setting up a surf exchange between Ireland and the Basque Country. In 2012, with the help of  Zutundu and the financial support of the European Union, Cross Culture Surf was born.

In 2013, Cross Culture Surf was officially registered as a non-profit association, operating from its base in the Basque Country. Since then, different projects, opportunities and connections have been made with people from many different countries.

We live in a very colourful world, whose canvas is often smudged through a lack of understanding and intolerance of cultural differences. Cross Culture Surf seeks to embrace this diversity, through learning and sharing with one another. Surfing is simply the vehicle, a common interest that brings us together.

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