Japan to Basque Country

***We are visiting Osaka Japan from 5th & 6th of January 2017!***

At Cross Culture Surf we journey beyond surfing, embracing diversity by gathering people from far away places. Swept by this relational current, we are flowing into Asia and our first port of call is Japan.

We are looking to connect with Japanese people interested in exploring the waves and cultural heritage of another land. Would you like to experience Basque culture? Tasting the food and wine, seeing the mountains and coast, hearing the songs and stories, and of course, surfing the waves funneled in by the Atlantic swells?

This is an open invitation to adult individuals and groups. Our role will be to facilitate and organise your trip so that local Basque people will guide you through the treasures of our land – its surf, its specialities and its people.

Our team is looking to meet up with those interested in the trip to discuss more details. So, let us know if you are interested, and “ongi etorri Euskal Herrira!” (Welcome to the Basque Country).

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