Dylan Noonan – Irish Surfer

Dylan Noonan is a stoked young surfer from the West coast of Ireland. Dylan took part in our pioneering Cross Culture Surf exchange between the Basque Country and Ireland back in 2012. His enthusiasm for surfing was infectious then, so we weren’t surprised to see that a few years on, he’s making a name for himself as one of the most determined people you’ll ever meet.

A film about Dylan, “Hey Jimbo” is one of the judge’s choices at the Shore Shots Irish Surf Film Festival.

We caught up with Dylan to find out how he’s doing:
Introduce yourself Dylan

My name is Dylan Noonan, I’m from Lahinch (County Clare) and I’m a surfer.

How long have you been surfing?

I’ve been surfing 5 and a half years and the excitement never changes! From my first wave when I was ten I got pushed into waves by the older crew in Lahinch and from there I got the surfers bug!

What surfboards do you ride?

I ride 4th surfboards 5,9″ 2 1/2

How was the Cross Culture Surf exchange experience for you?

The experience was amazing and I’ll never forget it! I made friends that I’ll have for life! And memories too.

Apart from surfing every day, what else did you learn?

I improved in skating [skateboarding]! And learnt a lot about the pride that  Basque people have for their country. Learning how to shape boards was very impressive and that was one of the cooler things I learnt on the trip!

Have you met up since then with anyone from it?

I’ve met up with Gaizka. He came to stay with me for a week and he just left last Monday! He’s the only one but ya, he’s a very good surfer and friend! And I’ll be visiting him in the Basque Country in the summer!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’d love to go to Indo as any surfer would! Just because it’s been on top of my travel list since I was younger! And to get pumping barrels!

What’s the best spot you’ve surfed?

We have a left here in Clare, Gaizka also surfed it when he was here but he was lucky because it doesn’t work very often. But it’s the whole surrounding of the wave. It’s surrounded by massive cliffs and its a big barrel and I’ve loved surfing it ever since my first time when I was 14!

Who inspires you?

My inspiration of course would be Ollie O’flaherty and I wouldn’t be half the surfer I am now if it wasn’t for him and his ballsy talent of surfing huge Mully and all the other big waves. He encourages many groms like myself in the local area to push themselves. And also Gearoid McDaid who is a good friend and has such amazing talent. He is humble and inspires every one that surfs in Ireland!

Apart from surfing, what else do you love doing?

I love playing guitar and singing. It probably shares the same amount of time of surfing! And chilling with friends and family.

Nice one! Thanks Dylan! Stay stoked and all the best!
Click here to see the exchange video from 2012.

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