Day 3 of the Cross Culture Surf exchange gave the Irish and Basque youth an opportunity to learn to surf and improve their surfing skills in the morning at low tide. The waves were around 2-3ft with a light breeze, great for learning. In the afternoon we had a skate workshop with Chris Probasco who introduced us to longboard and normal skateboarding, explaining and instructing in English. It was a great time and everyone really enjoyed it. People learnt to mini ramp and even ollie for the first time! Stoked was the word of the day! Then to cool off, we headed to the port to jump in off the various diving platforms into the seawater inlet. The Basque national rowing race was going on at the same time so we got to see up close this important cultural sport.

In the evening we had our second cultural identity workshop where the young people discussed and shared their findings from the night before, when they split into groups and had to interview and video members of the public to find out their views on Basque and Irish people.

It is so great to see the group mixing and helping one another, particularly in the skate workshop. Xabi was helping Moe to ollie, Oihana heling her Irish friend to mini ramp and so on.

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